How to Treat a Woman

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  • Release Date September 22, 2008
  • Publisher Knight International
  • ISBN 978-0615153193

The first chapter advises the reader to examine whether he is indeed ready for a long-lasting relationship, urging him to avoid engaging women in a serious vane if he is still in the “player” stage of his life or if he is presently too wrapped up in his career to give a woman the time that a serious relationship will demand if he is sincere in his efforts to start one. The book discusses the best places to meet high quality women and discourses on the advantages and disadvantages of each. Of special mention is the workplace which is fraught with both opportunity and risk.

After “contact” with the young lady has been established and her phone number has been obtained, the question of how long to wait for such communication is discussed, as well as topics to raise and which ones to avoid. Text messaging and emails are discussed and proper etiquette is outlined. The book then talks about the first date and offers suggestions on how to make the first date extra special so that our erstwhile young pursuer “stands out from the crowd.” The chapter also discusses ideas on where to take the lady and some of the pitfalls encountered. Personal anecdotes from the author’s own experiences help make the discussion light and amusing. The second date is discussed including the suggestion that our bachelor cook the lady a home-cooked meal—from suggesting the right wine to the easy-to-make dessert. The option of boating is discussed in detail with careful explanations of what to do and what not to do to make such a date safe and fun.

The myth has arisen that the third date on which sex should occur (if it hasn’t already) between the two parties if the relationship is to go “anywhere.” The question is discussed in depth and the pros and con’s are honestly posed and examined; however, it is made clear that this is not a sexual manual. The author’s techniques and practices that have proved to be effective in cementing relationships with high quality women are discussed in the chapter how “to make your lady feel special.” Included are the little intangibles and things to say that all women love to hear—and rarely do.

Women are one of God’s greatest creations, and it is a wise and fortunate man who knows how to totally interact with such precious examples of humanity.

Discussed are things to say and do to keep the relationship “fresh.” Included are details on serving her breakfast in bed, taking her country line-dancing, enjoying one-day trips nearby to major metropolitan areas, introducing her to the joys of golfing, taking advantage of the good bargains at charity auctions, experiencing the fun of mystery dinners, throwing parties for your mutual friends, and learning together the art of massage! The book discusses those special days (birthdays and holidays) that can make or break relationships. This includes her birthday, your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, and of course Christmas. The dreaded first Christmas at her house is discussed with an explanation of why such visits are usually stress-packed for the lady in a manner that most men have no clue about. This chapter will help avoid the pitfalls that such visits inherently contain.

The final chapter talks about further ways to keep the relationship thriving and enriching, including discussions on massage, tantric sex, fighting, living together, and marriage. The critical task of mutual goal setting is explained and the concept of the “emotional bank account” is introduced and discussed. Lastly, a frank discussion is held on the proper way to break up, if that is what one’s heart tells you is right.