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Gary Knight is a former Navy pilot, a former lobbyist, a former congressional relations specialist for three different administrations, a former locally-elected official, a former tutor, a former college math professor, and a current father, grandfather, veterans affairs activist, and writer. He's an avid golfer and boater/sailor. and he's happy to engage people on all the aforementioned topics.

His writing covers a broad range of subjects and genres. He hopes that what you see on this site will prompt you to read one or more of his works:

  • As a testament to her builders, the tiny vessel withstood this pounding, the only question being whether anyone aboard would survive.

    Forgotten Brothers cover
    Forgotten Brothers


Forgotten Brothers

This historical novel details the true story—it is fiction, as conversations from 500 years ago have to be made up—of Columbus’ first voyage. It was a success primarily because of the efforts of the two Spanish brothers who captained the Nina and the Pinta. The populace destroyed the two vessels provided by the crown, so the older brother, Martin Pinzon, provided two he owned. Due to Martin’s experience and leadership, the expedition steered southwest—against Columbus’ wishes—to enable the fleet to reach the West Indies. Vicente Pinzon, the younger brother, rescued Columbus and his crew which had run the Santa Maria onto a reef. Without his assistance Columbus would have been stranded in the New World and never heard from again. Additionally, Vicente’s exemplary seamanship guided the Nina home despite encountering two vicious Atlantic storms. Failing that, again, Columbus would be a mere historical footnote.

Filibustered to Death

This novella tells the story of a boating lobbyist who was sailing near Solomons, MD, when his girlfriend is shot and killed by a high-powered rifle from shore. The bullet was meant for him, as he had uncovered the attempts of a powerful corporate member of the military-industrial complex to subvert the competitive contract process to develop a new Naval fighter aircraft. The story details the company's efforts to kill him before he can divulge the truth to Congress. During the ensuing drama, FBI agents and Hill staffers are victimized and the message is delivered. But at what cost?

26 Years of Shoe Leather

This book details the experiences of an industry lobbyist as he progresses through a 26-year career in Washington “working the Hill.” Since this involves a great deal of walking, one burns a lot of “shoe leather;” hence the title. Each chapter describes the duties and experiences of each position the author had in his career. Following each chapter is a “Lessons Learned” that puts the organization he worked for into perspective as far as how it fits into the Washington milieu, as well as putting that organization into perspective on how things get done in Washington.

How to Treat a Woman

The Professional Man’s Guide to Achieving Meaningful Relationships with Women of the Modern Era | This non-fiction book shows successful, professional men how to achieve equanimity in their social lives. The guide begins with a treatise on how to ensure that the reader is ready for a meaningful relationship with a modern woman. Each chapter then walks the erstwhile suitor through every step in the courting process, with an emphasis on prioritizing the woman's needs. This non-sexual manual gives suggestions on the best ways to keep a woman interested and happy. The book closes with appendices on how to create a wine collection and a delicious paella recipe.

Virginia's Finest

Inspired by JFK’s Profiles in Courage, this is an, as yet, unfinished manuscript containing the biographies of the ten best men to ever serve in the U.S. Senate from the Commonwealth of Virginia. The foreword lays out the archetypal role played by Virginia in early American history, due to its political power and number of exemplary leaders. Among those included in the book are two senators who also served as U.S. president: James Monroe and John Tyler. There are other equally fascinating and talented individuals profiled, many of whom are little known outside of the Old Dominion.

  • Women are one of God’s greatest creations, and it is a wise and fortunate man who knows how to totally interact with such precious examples of humanity.

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    How to Treat a Woman

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